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São Paulo

Our Story from Sao Paulo

São Paulo Exhibition

One for the road

First Impressions Of Brazil

If my secret destination on this round-the-world trip was to get to California then, for the Portuguese half of our … Read more

Drive Through Bolivia

[RFG_gallery id=’2′] Bolivia was like a little step back in time. We didn’t intend to stay too long but we … Read more

Meeting the Mennonites of Bolivia

Back down from the Altiplano and well past Santa Cruz, we turned our orbital craft onto the road that heads … Read more

Stray Dogs Of Sucre

The ancient connection between these two towns is a strong one: Poor Potosi, site of a silver mine where millions … Read more

Vegetarian Restaurants In La Paz, Bolivia

Being a vegetarian in South American countries can be a testing experience and, in general, Bolivia is no exception to … Read more

Freelancing On The Internet While Traveling

It’s going pretty well so far this online web design lark. I mean if it carries on at this rate … Read more

Hire Our Motor Home For The World Cup In Brazil

UPDATE: Our motor home is now booked up until August. Thanks for all your interest! So you’ve bought some match … Read more

A Short Ayahuasca Detour On A Long Journey

Ayahuasca is a brew of various plants traditionally found in the Amazon region where it is used by people there … Read more