Subtube and Subthis

subtitles, web design, etcToday we launched two projects: subtube and subthis – two arms of Earthcircuit’s quest to establish an online business – you know, the kind that can be managed using a laptop sitting under a fan at the beach bar. is a very serious exercise, however. We truly believe that one day, all video will come with subtitles and  this website takes one step towards that vision by offering to subtitle everything on Youtube. The benefits of subtitles are immense and will lead to a real change in how video is accessed by the general public. For the moment, Youtube enables “automatically generated subtitles” on certain videos but their quality is abysmal – luckily they also have the ability to upload your own “human generated” subtitles. That’s where we come in.

To kick off this service, are offering to subtitle for free any short (up to 5 minutes) video which has speech in English. Register your interest here.

Of course, we are not restricted to Youtube; we can supply subtitle files, transcription and translation for any film or video. This is one of the core functions of – a service that will create web media content of any kind. will be aimed primarily at businesses and organizations looking for a cheap, easy to handle, future-proof website that looks good on the smartphones and tablets that most people seem to be using these days. Visit here for more information.

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