There’s been an addition

Quite a few people have been in and out of the van by now, travelling around Canada with Radka and me. But there’s one creature that’s going to stick around for a bit longer… probably for the next decade or so!

Her name is ‘Bandit’, she’s part Alaskan Husky and Greyhound and has the most piercing blue eyes. Already a year old but too small to be a sled dog, we’ve decided to adopt her. Well actually, she decided to adopt us as she religiously followed us wherever we went while working at the kennel… not having a clue that there is a whole world outside. These days she is discovering just that world with us… quite a job indeed and a lack of sleep attached to it…. But! we all had our first swim today…

… it is going to be quite a learning curve.. for all 3 of us.

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