Roads and people

Let’s face it. We came to Canada just because the only ship that was willing to take us docked in Vancouver. The idea was to pick up the trucks and hit the sandy beaches of California as quick as possible, escaping the tormenting winter. Yet, six months, six thousand kilometers, three provinces and twenty bears later – we are still in Canada. And on top of that, we are sad that our time is running out. So what was so special about this place? From the top of my head, I can think about two main reasons: Roads and people.

The roads in Canada allow you to zig zag the country up and down, as opposed to the Russian roads which only allow you to go ‘left to right’. Wanna go up to the Arctic Circle, wanna see the smallest desert in the world? Wanna see what is it like beyond the tree line? Start your engine. You could as well call it ‘the northern safari’. As Conny puts it, after visiting the Yukon, it is reassuring that there is still places on this planet where not humans, but the wildlife dominate. There are only fifteen thousand people in the Yukon and twenty thousand bears after all…

And the people, yes, they make it somehow possible. After visiting Canada, we feel that the planet is a friendly place.  So a big thank you! to all our hitchhikers, fellow travelers, our wonderful wwoofing hosts, our friends and everyone who made our time in Canada so special!

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