From Death Valley to Berlin

From West to East, just like that time before, we are now crossing the most intense landscapes of the Indian Country. It seems like someone has decided to put the most of the State’s natural beauty into this one area that we happen to be zigzagging on our way to Berlin. Yes, that’s right: Berlin – the new destination of the Blue Whale and its crew.  We’re not quite clear – is this a moment of sadness or a moment of joy? It definitely is a spectacular road trip across Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. It is also realization that such prosaic reasons as lack of money and poor mechanical state of the vehicle had the power to drastically divert our journey. We are heading down to Houston where we will load our van on a boat heading to Germany. It’s quite exciting!  And it is also a reminder of our Korean friend’s words:  Where one journey ends, another begins… Winter wonderland in Europe and plenty of time to look through the tons of photography and other material from our journey, time for re-living the experience, editing, working, writing and dreaming. Yes, even travelling has its shelf life.  And while we will be doing just that in the warmth of our wooden mountain cabin in northern Moravia we will be wishing Dunia, Andy and Vaga happy travels and many many more miles…

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