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Web content creation and ideas solutionsTraveling around the world for four years was always going to be a tour of the world’s odd-job market. We tried so many different things but few were ever going to be the start of a new career – more like special experiences tied to a special place. However, that all changed over the last six months during our time in Lima looking after a BnB and having proper internet at last. It’s not new, it’s not amazing but it has begun to pay the bills: WordPress design, graphic design and copy writing – in short web content creation.

Our Philosophical approach.

In fact, what we have started to do is more than those things: Our services are aimed at the beginner, the web novice, the owner of a small business about to embark on an online adventure. For it this situation which we are uniquely positioned to help with, for we have come to this industry late and this means we have plenty of real-world wisdom and understanding, fresh ideas and thinking drawn from a whole planet full of experiences.

And this kind of jack-of-all-trades approach is something I’ve always been good at – and something I’ve always enjoyed; a few varied skills and techniques coming together to enable that most precious of things: An idea, an ambition born of the entrepreneur’s imagination.

Our first job pretty much demonstrated this.

An experienced American attorney had come to Peru to set up business and he needed a website that could demonstrate to possible clients that he knew his stuff. Now this guy must have practiced 80% of his law in Michigan (or some such place) before the rise of the world wide web – but here he was in a strange country, learning the language, excited by the possibilities and sure, goddamn it, that he could make a success of it. He knew he needed a website but didn’t have the slightest idea of where to start. Which is when he responded to my advert and gave me a call. A few days later, a couple of hundred dollars richer, a few things cleverer about US attorneys and International Law and I’d had my first taste of what I reckon I’ll be doing for the rest of my life: More than just web content creation but, I dunno, ambitious-idea-stuff solutions.

How you can help.

At the beginning of our incredible online project, we’ll need all the help we can get. For the moment we have three ‘nodes’:

  • Our profile on peopleperhour.com needs endorsing! We’re using this website to connect with others who need help with their projects and the more people who endorse us, the higher we get in the rankings and listings. If we attract any clients outside of this website we can utilize the deposit and payment system that peopleperhour use without paying any of the commission fees that they charge.
  • Visit our website, browse our blog posts as they slowly go up – link to us and spread the word!
  • Like our Facebook Page!

The best thing you can do is tell anyone who is trying to get a website together, needs a logo designed or help with a poster, wants good copy to attract visitors or is looking for some ideas, help and input for their project – to get in touch with us!


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