Vladivostok: Rock’s and BSB.

Yesterday, at the BSB Club, Vladik’s most infamous venue, we showed our video. The response was much better than at the Rock’s Cocktail Bar (where we showed it a week before) chiefly because

(a) we actually did a sound check and the music was loud and clear,

(b) the people there were more appreciative of the styles of music,

(c) there were more people there (our video was a warm up to the first gig by a popular Vladik band back from their European Russia tour) and

(d) the people were more drunk.

But at both events it was the same sequence in the video that brought a big cheer from the crowd – we filmed the last 30km of our trans-Russian odyssey in one uninterrupted roll – the highway down Vladivostok’s peninsula to it’s downtown centre – and increased its speed 800% and played out to “Anarchy in the UK”. Of course they all love the Sex Pistols – it turns out they love to drive fast too.


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