Tropic of Cancer

Mexican Tropic of Cancer

What we should have done is taken a photo of someone smoking a cigarette with one hand covering up the letter ‘R’ in that sign…

Halfway down the Pacific coast we cross the Tropic of Cancer, the line around the planet that represents the furthest north that the sun can appear directly overhead. Between here and its southern counterpart, the Tropic of Capricorn, is the hot zone otherwise known as the Tropics.

This means that our trusty solar panel, glued flat to our roof, is going to be doing the photovolt of its life. For the first time ever, barring the odd climb or descent down a steep hill at the correct time of a sunny day, the solar panel is soon going to be perfectly perpendicular to the sun’s rays and added to the general increase of intensity, maybe we’ll see our batteries getting a proper charge.

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