It’s the 7th of January and the crew is still split up, Andy and Vaga are waiting in Seoul for their flight to Vancouver while the rest of us are temporarily residing on a farm in Sicamous, British Columbia. Our vehicles are somewhere in the middle of  the Pacific making their way over to Vancouver…yes, for the three of us here, it’s farm life with all its indoor living luxuries (and many more then you would expect!)  Except that after crossing the whole of the Russian Trans-Siberian Highway, I find myself one more time on one of the world’s longest highways – the Trans-Canada Highway. Going just 10 miles down the 8000km long road to get some hay for the horses, I am thinking, that after minuscule Korea, we finally have again got a whole continent for us to cross…Looking at this highway, with the Canadian Pacific Railway attached to it – just like in Russia, alongside the 50th latitude – just like in Russia…after 12 days without the truck I want to hit the road again…

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