Seoul subway

Today is Conny’s birthday! And what better way to celebrate than by receiving news that Radka was granted a Canadian visa at second attempt. However they still managed to put the visa in her old passport (she had to give them her old passport because it had a US visa in it that was still valid) and now they’ve corrected that but still managed to misspell her name. Hmm.

Going around Seoul on the metro has already got quite boring – standing room only on most of the lines; if you do get one of the few seats available then the fashion is to fall asleep (or watch TV on your mobile). It’s incredible the amount of people catching a few winks; young and old, students and business men, workers or people dressed up for an expensive night out; everyone’s snoozing away. Whether they all manage to wake up at the right stop; whether this is a reflection of how busy their lives are and metro-sleep is an essential part of their daily rest schedule or how they have learnt not to drool or snore in public – we’re not sure of the answers yet but we are looking forward to the statistically probable occasion when we board a carriage where every single person has their eyes tight shut and taking a photo of what would look like a ghost train from some post-apocalyptic event.

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