Scrapyard *1: Vernon

After seeing a fair selection of American TV shows and films over the course of a life, it is quite something to actually be on that continent at last. It is always the cars, of course – their shapes unique to the USA and Canada and now we’re seeing them driving around everywhere and actually being used as everyday objects rather than props. After the tenth time that I said, ‘hey, that Corvette’s the one Inspector Grady drove in Miami Vice’, the feeling of being backstage at Hollywood wore off.

The beauty of the vehicles themselves hasn’t though – restored and pimped or rusty and asleep – I’m looking forward to the American road trip.

In Vernon, we visited our first scrap yard. The same model that we saw lovingly restored by Vladivostok’s Car Museum and driven around that Russian city town by the owner, proud and confident of the specialness of his ride, we saw scattered around the yard, on bricks hidden behind campers or under a pile of Fords.

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