For those of you wondering about the current whereabouts and activities of the crew, here is a little update:

Still in CANADA and finally reunited with our trucks after picking them up at the port of Vancouver about a month ago. Since then, the crew has been residing in Sicamous – British Columbia, where we have a fantastic space to keep our trucks indoors and do necessary repairs and work on whatever needs to be done after crossing the Pacific. Wwoofing in Sicamous allows us to enjoy the Canadian winter in full as we have the advantage of living indoors.  One also gets the rare opportunity on how to learn to ride a bulldozer, a horse, a tractor, a snowmobile or a dogsled.  Going to a hockey game, playing curling and learning to make cheddar cheese would also be other examples of our Canadian experience.

Since we also want learn how to feed a herd of bison and go ice fishing, Radka and Conny are on their way to northern Alberta – to an organic farm in an apparently arty and hippy town called Goodfare, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains on the West and never-ending prairies on the East. Equipped with Canadian snow boots and the will to reach the highest latitude of their lifetime, they are ready for temperatures of -20 Celsius or below.  We’re also toying with the idea of making it as far as the Yukon before heading back south in late March.

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