Into the midnight sun

Where does ‘north’ begin and what is it like? Perhaps the answers lie along the Dempster Highway. This is the only road in Canada that takes you across the Arctic Circle and into the land of midnight sun, where north is a way of life, not just an arrow on a map. It’s leading us into a unique landscape, passing through land that until 190 million years ago was coastline of ancestral North America. It’s taking us through the lands of the Han and Inuvialiut peoples. But it’s also taking us to see tundra – something we could not reach in Siberia, as the Siberia’s only road lies along its bottom.  Six days, three thousand kilometers, never ending forest, twenty black bears, one bald eagle, one grizzly, few coyotes and caribous, we are ready for our last few miles up to the Arctic Circle.

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