Gay Pride 2012 and Sexual Diversity In Panama City

Gay Pride Panama 2012

Turns out the hottest transvestite at the Gay Pride 2012 in Panama City sometimes goes around dressed as a giant blue bird during the week. As Dunia  mingled, a stunning blonde whispered to her, ‘I was the one who stole your dog’, referring to an incident a few days ago when five giant blue birds jumped out from behind a bus stop, grabbed Vaga and carried Dunia off down the road. There had been a hidden TV camera and the whole stunt was some kind of Twitter advert.  In return for mildly scaring Vaga and traumatizing Dunia, I only think it’s fair to reveal that Twitter employ hot transvestites to do their dirty work of cheap TV.

Celebrating their community

Definitely a success, then, the eighth, and biggest, Gay Pride to happen in Panama.  Despite the short route (up and down each side of a boulevard) ending bizarrely under the gaze of a massive concrete Einstein’s head; despite not using a nice park because the local authorities were worried about the corrupting effects from the presence of children; and despite the early evening rain thundering through, the event becoming even more intimate as everyone huddled together under a roof; a thousand people of diverse sexuality and unclear gender celebrated their community in the flamboyant fashion that we were hoping for on a Saturday with nothing to do. We had the float with the glamour models, we had an open-top sports car with chunky, shirtless men, we had several people dressed as rainbow -colored angels and we had the out and proud delegations from organizations such as prostitute councils, LGBT clubs and the American Embassy (a clean-cut couple wearing official embassy t-shirts). Yes, we can also reveal just how hard the Republicans might be working for that Hispanic Homosexual vote.

Celebrating the community

Obligatory Eiffel Tower

Tengo Uno Amigo Gay

Marching for sexual diversity

Lesbo mutt hitting on my Indian Pariah mix

The tail end...

Having a sit down...

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