Earthcircuit exhibition at Los del Patio next week!

Our next event at Los Del Patio, Panama City

Hanging out at one of hostels in Casco Viejo, Panama City and looking for something to do? No? Well be glad for the folk who are because salvation for them is close at hand… We just confirmed the dates and details for our first attempt at an exhibition since the cops shut us down at the Autonomous Mutant Festival nearly a year ago.

We will be opening on Thursday 28th June and will run until the 8th July. That gives  us less than a week, right? And let’s see what the state of our panoramic photos is after a few thousand miles of rainy, bumpy tropical zone… Anyway, yes, I know very few of you are in Panama and even fewer of you are going to come – well, the least you can do is ‘share’, ‘send’, ‘tweet’ and ‘like’ this post because it’s all about promotion at the moment. You see, when we went into to see the guys at Los del Patio yesterday, we saw one of their current photographic exhibitions. Nice A3 photos of moments around Panama kind of thing which would look nice in the study or on the kitchen wall… And there was a price tag – $350. Well, I nearly choked on my lemonade, I can tell you. That equates to half a metric tonne of aluminium cans or 35 pet ID tag PDFs

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