Deep in the middle of nowhere

Today we met a guy who is walking the entire length of Russia, from west to east, pulling a 70kg cart.

Christian, the German cyclist we met by the Lake Baikal had told us about this bloke. As Christian was cycling east to west and as we were travelling much faster than walking or cycling – he predicted we would overtake him sometime soon. Sure enough, there he was, jogging down the road on a damp,grey morning.

It took me a couple of seconds to figure out this was the man and not some local late for his bus – we did a U-turn and found his cart by the side and him taking a leaWalking across Russiak in the woods. He was pretty excited to meet us and tell us his story and passers by stopped to take photos of us all – I think he’d been on TV and was expected in the next town soon…

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