Sonoma County

We leave the coast and Highway 1 at the Russian River and head inland to meet the Blue Team at their place near Sebastopol. I’m pretty happy to leave the endless twists and turns behind for a while and keen to experience proper American Interstate Freeways  – however, the last piece of Sonoma Coast was looking fascinating: Dry, brown, yellow and red hills scorched by the sun, falling into a turbulent ocean, a thin strip of dense fog covered the beach and played with the views from the cliff top.

Finally reunited, Earthcircuit spend a relaxed evening together. The last time we were together was at Big Bend Hot Springs.

The hunt for Burning Man tickets continues and ends suddenly in the well-mannered figure of a Dutch guy called Joost who can no longer go and has identified us as the deserving Burners. A tense couple of days while we validate the tickets, transfer the money and change the name, hoping everything’s OK. $600 for something as intangible as a ten-digit code to be presented at an office in the middle of the desert…. Hmm.