Finally, we have reached our first big Korean city with all the promises of congested streets, maddening crowds and zero parking.

We had only driven thirty klicks from where we had camped overnight when we passed the first metro station. As our plan had been to stop at an outlying station and go into the centre by train we felt a little cheated because the growing city in front of us was proving to be good fun to drive through. We had a quick discussion on the walkie-talkies and decided to pilot the trucks right down to the sea front – it has been months since we met such an urban sprawl and we had forgotten how exhilarating it is to plough right into some place you’ve never been before.

Luckily, for us, Busan’s roads are pretty well organised and we were never led into a dense market area or directed up one of the incredibly steep hills that lay just off the main roads. After thirty minutes of flyovers, tunnels, bridges, six-way junctions and dual carriageways we arrived at Gwangilli Beach – the southernmost point of our travels so far…

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