Beautifully preserved colonial, silver mining town that survived a devestating hurricane a few years ago. The storm dropped twenty inches of rain on the hills around that rushed thru the town like a tsunami. Talking to some of the people around at the time was very inspiring – the town’s inhabitants working together to overcome a major disaster that left people dead and many more without homes or possessions. Since then, Alamos has profited from being one of Mexico’s Pueblos Magicos – a project to encourage tourists to some of Mexico’s magical towns.

Initially, we came here to find out about a short-cut to the Copper Canyon but instead we meet some of the many expats who have chosen Alamos to be their home and get directed to a mysterious, small village on the coast for New Years Eve in a couple of days time…

Alamos ChurchRed FlowersPeople at the MiradorThe van at mirador