Leaving Burning Man

Leaving Burning Man 2011

httpv://youtu.be/5if80TRL03g The day after Burning Man; leaving Black Rock City in our truck. Jigsaw in the Nevada desert.

Rainbow Gathering

rainbow gathering 2011 in action

Rainbow Gathering in July 2011 in Washington State, USA near Mt St. Helens. httpv://youtu.be/rq_pB5eswfY        


Dog chasing bike

Global moment from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Through an orchard of hazelnut trees, Vaga chases the quad-bike.      


A day in the life at Cawston City

httpv://youtu.be/5LuxJQXj740 A day in the life of someone working in Cawston – the Organic Capital of Canada. The Simalkameen Valley … Read more

How do they do it?

How do they do it?

Driving through Siberia, we often wondered how animals survive through the winter (seeĀ here). For us, at the time, it was a kind of happy question because it was summer time and we didn’t have to find out the answer the hard way or anything.

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