You can read all about it here but, of course you really have to go there to get a feel of … Read more


For the second time in two days we get taken in a car somewhere by complete strangers. Yesterday an Asian … Read more

Washington State

Waking up to the sound of more explosions, we decided to continue our quest to pick up some travellers for … Read more


So we decided to pass by the Rainbow Gathering which is due to take place close to Mount St. Helen’s … Read more

Russian Myths…

Driving through Russia represented a big unknown on our trip around the world. It’s always interesting, now that we have … Read more


Having parked up in one of the most historically interesting areas of South Korea, the capital of the ancient Silla … Read more


One of the more spectacular temple complexes in South Korea awaited us a few hours drive further into the mountains … Read more

Earthcircuit HQ

After more than four weeks spent on the farm, helping us turn an old wheelchair bus into Jigsaw – the … Read more


Time to leave. First, half of us drive out in a car to Czech Republic to rendez-vous with the first … Read more

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